Licensing Details of the Oklahoma FFA and Pinpoint

Oklahoma FFA Gear was established in 2007 by the Oklahoma State FFA Officer Team in Oklahoma City, OK. We have a variety of products which include Officer Apparel, Outerwear, T-Shirts and Sweatshirts. We strive to establish quality lasting relationships with each customer we serve.

The Oklahoma FFA Association has entered into a contractual agreement with Pinpoint Monograms to develop a limited clothing and accessory product line for the Association with the brand name OKFFAGear.

In our agreement with the National FFA Organization, all items in the product line will carry the OKFFAGear logo, and/or the words Oklahoma FFA, and/or the name of an Oklahoma FFA chapter. In addition, the product line will only be sold to FFA members, advisors, alumni and supporters living within the state of Oklahoma. Limited orders may be processed for Oklahoma FFA alumni living out of state.

A royalty fee is paid to the Oklahoma FFA Association for each FFA item sold. The royalty fees received from the sale of the OKFFAGear FFA product line or from the sale of Oklahoma FFA chapter products will be used to increase the eight state FFA officer scholarships. The state officers are full-time college students who spend a substantial amount of time serving the members of the Oklahoma FFA Association. Recognizing that college tuition, fees and living expenses for students are continuing to increase, the Association is using this means to generate funding to increase the amount given for state officer scholarships. The state officer team will serve as models for the product line and will assist with its marketing and promotion.

In 2015 4-H apparel was added to the website. The 4-H apparel line was added solely for the convenience of Oklahoma Families that have both 4-H and FFA members to have a one stop source for both 4-H and FFA wearables. The 4-H apparel does not include the OKFFAGear logo and the FFA State officer team does not serve as models for 4-H apparel. Models for 4-H apparel are Oklahoma 4-H members.